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Unfortunately, this version is extremely rare and most people only have the CGA/PC Speaker version.A full version of this game is available online at (the full link is in the links section). In 1988 Rick Levine programmed a CD quality audio version of Defender of the Crown.“Defender of the Crown is one of the games that made me and many others at Starbreeze go into the gaming industry all those years ago.For many, Cinemaware set the bar for fun and immersive gaming in the ATARI and AMIGA-era.Jim Sachs, the primary artist for the game, showcased some of these features on the Amiga during interviews after the release of the game.1/15/2017 Did you know that Classic was started by actor Daniel Kapinga during time between takes?

Defender of the Crown puts the player in the role of one of four Saxon knights in medieval England, in a time where the land is in turmoil as the King is dead and his crown was stolen.

From time to time the player may attempt to rescue a damsel in distress and can appeal for help from the legendary bandit Robin Hood.

The game's strategy boils down to a war of attrition as the player tries to amass larger armies than his opponents and manages to attack their territories at the right time.

The Defender of the Crown code still resided on and ran from the PC, but hooks were placed in the code to play the CD quality audio off the CD -- on a Hitachi CD-ROM player. That special CD-ROM version was demonstrated at a conference (might have been the Game Developers Conference that year), but it was never released to the public.

Back in 2011, Apple i Phone and i Pad users were gifted one of the most iconic home computer releases to date from Kellyn Beck, Defender of the Crown.

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