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For example: Dave's school buddy, Wally Plumpsted(Skip Young)evolved into Rick's school buddy, Wally Plumpsted. He had show business in his family background, including Circus Performers!

It happened gradually and incrementally so it was barely noticed. And some of the regulars in the Cast over the years were: Mary Jane Croft & Lyle Talbot(Clara & Joe Randolph), Don De Fore(' Thorny'), Parley Baer(Darby)Frank Caddy(Doc)and others. And all he did was Create the Series, Write and contribute to Scripts, Produce, Play the Lead and play a little Saxophone on occasions. Much like Disneyland, we tend to view OZZIE & HARRIET as being unrealistic, too ' Apple Pie',too ' Middle American' and just a tad corny.

See full summary » The popular radio show comes to life in this hit sitcom about a wise family man, Jim Anderson, his common-sense wife Margaret and their children Betty, Bud and Kathy. See full summary » Widower Steve Douglas raises three sons with the help of his father-in-law, and is later aided by the boys' great-uncle.

An adopted son, a stepdaughter, wives, and another generation of sons join the loving family in later seasons.

Drums—technically known as membranophones—may be mankind’s oldest instrument, dating back to when humans first learned to keep rhythm.

This was somewhere around 1935 and the hereto-for Musical quickly became a "real" family with the birth of David(1936) and Rick(1940).

Mr Breach, who has not been back to work since the win, is likely to have women queuing up outside his modest ground-floor flat in Battle, East Sussex.'They'll be beating down the door now.

He's become one of the country's most eligible bachelors overnight,' friends of Matthew told The Sun.'He got a workmate in the office to call up the numbers off the internet.

The Stones consist of loving homemaker Donna, her pediatrician husband Alex, and their children Mary and Jeff.

Many situations arise like when they found a baby on their doorstep or take in...

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