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We switch it on shortly before taxiing, then switch it off again (actually it’s moved to a standby mode) after docking in.Second, in the interest of safety — namely, fire and electrical system protection — it’s important to have the ability to isolate a piece of equipment, either by a standard switch or, if need be, through a circuit breaker.The pilots would have put their masks on, but with only residual oxygen left in the lines, or perhaps none at all, they would quickly have succumbed to hypoxia.

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This is something the media hasn’t been good at explaining. to Consider Ways to Track Planes Over Seas,” and similar phrasings, which have been rampant, give people the impression that once a plane hits oceanic airspace, it effectively disappears until making landfall on the other side.

Once the engines quit, the plane would have stayed stable for a certain amount of time, then eventually would have stalled and/or plummeted and crashed. It’d somewhat depend on which modes of the autopilot had been engaged, as well as the plane’s altitude and speed.

If the engines failed simultaneously (unlikely) the plane would stay aloft somewhat longer.

It’s a semantic discussion to some degree (what does “tracking” mean? This is company personnel on the ground, and both of these entities are following and tracking you.

Tranponders aren’t used in non-radar areas, but you’ve also got HF radio, SATCOM, CPDLC, FMC datalink and so forth.

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