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This was not due to the testosterone itself but what it is dissolved in.I had top surgery — which is a two-stage procedure — in 2014 when I was 29, and RFF phalloplasty in 2015 when I was 30."Top surgery" involves a double mastectomy and optional reconstruction of the chest and/or nipples, and "bottom surgery" is when the genitals are surgically altered to match the person's gender identity.RFF phalloplasty stands for radial forearm flap phalloplasty, and is a procedure that uses the skin and veins from a person's forearm to create a penis.My top surgery alone was ,000 and I had to pay for it out of pocket because my insurance still sees this surgery as cosmetic and I was not interested in waiting any longer.How did you decide to transition and whether you wanted to pursue hormones or surgery or both?I'm not sure if we ever complete transitioning, because we cannot stop being.It is not a simple journey from point A to point B; it is our unique ways of relating our bodies to the outside world. I began seeing a therapist immediately upon sharing with my significant other that I believed I am transgender.

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I had an allergic reaction to that batch, but I also found that I wasn't ready.We allow members to post pics from their own collections.Transgender people experience their transitions in a variety of ways, with many opting to transition only socially, only hormonally, or opting for a combination of hormonal transition and surgery.In late April 2015, I watched the Jenner interview on television.As I listened to Caitlyn share her story, I began to realize there were a number of parallels to my life that I could no longer deny.

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