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But he had lied to America's then-premier celebrity interviewer. It was a big secret, and they were very careful,' a source with knowledge of the romance told me. But my investigation showed there's no truth to any of that.

Another close friend of Kardashian's, Larry Kraines, told me: 'Robert and Shawn were on the case together…and they began dating, and I got to know her well. After Tom Kardashian got in trouble in the meatpacking scandal, Robert, devastated by the scandal, became a born-again Christian, baptized in the Holy Spirit in the Pacific Ocean in July 1974. However, sources close to Robert Kardashian told me that he was not her biological father, but that he loved the child and agreed to raise her as his own. had accomplished, he was insanely insecure, every week I would corner O.

It was Kim's infamous sex tape with then-boyfriend Ray J that thrust her into the limelight a decade ago - which was preceded and followed by three turbulent marriages.

Khloe's sordid relationship with troubled NBA star Lamar Odom - who she married after one month of dating - made international headlines in 2015 after he was discovered drugged in a Las Vegas brothel.

And Rob Kardashian's bizarre entanglement with ex-stripper Blac Chyna was as far-fetched as any in La-La Land.

But the untold story I uncovered during two years of reporting for my book, The Kardashians: An American Drama, I reveal the clan's patriarch, attorney Robert Kardashian actually had serious issues regarding interracial marriage. The problem is my kids are liberal, maybe too liberal, and I have no one to blame but myself because I introduced them to Uncle O. and others, and they always felt comfortable with them.''It was my sense, my perception that Robert would have preferred Kimmy to be with a white guy,' the close friend said. was often on the outs with his first wife because of his womanizing with mostly young, white women, he roomed with Kardashian and Kardashian's older brother, Tom, in their Beverly Hills bachelor pad.

Robert Kardashian is said to have 'gone ballistic' after learning Kim eloped with her first husband Damon Thomas in 2000 because he preferred his daughter to date white men, according to The Kardashians: An American Drama Kardashian reportedly became upset about his daughter's interracial relationship because O. - who he famously defended for the murder of Nicole Brown (pictured) - always bragged about 'getting white p***y' He quietly blamed himself for bringing his close friend O. Simpson into his family circle, thus making his children 'too liberal' about race relations, according to a close friend. In 2000, Kim secretly married music producer Damon Thomas, the first of her three African-American husbands, when she was 20 years old. Kardashian's racial animosity came as a shock to his inner-circle because his closest friend for decades was O. - who he defended during the former football player's famous murder trial - and the two were considered brothers. The two later became partners in a succession of unsuccessful businesses. J.,' and one of Kim's first acts as a newborn was to throw up on O. Kris Jenner, pledged in a memoir that she always 'loved O.

Robert Kardashian had been furious when Kim married her first black husband, and because of prejudice he ended a secret love affair with a beautiful black attorney who served with him on the 'dream team' that got O. But according to a close friend of Kardashian, when Robert learned about the nuptials, he had 'gone ballistic -- upset and concerned about his daughter's interracial relationship.''I know these black guys and I've known them all my life, and I know they love white p***y,' Kardashian angrily told the friend. J.,' and Kris was so close to his late second wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, that she had the same breast implants to match Nicole's.

‘Black people’ didn’t support me while I was trying to make it a writer.But, 22 percent of black men married someone outside of their race, compared to 9 percent of black women who did so.And white-black pairings overall only made up 11 percent of those 2008 interracial marriages. The Pew Center found that almost all millennials — 18 to 29-year-olds — are accepting of interracial dating and marriage, and this trend holds true of almost every racial group with no significant difference between them.Washington Redskins player Albert Haynesworth has been indicted on one charge of sexual abuse after a Feb.13 incident at the W Hotel, in which he allegedly fondled a cocktail waitress’ breast.

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