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Someone barged in on Walt and Donna while they were in a state of undress. Enough to have made Vic's own husband (now ex) jealous.And to make Walt not even consider Eamonn as a candidate to fill Branch's position.As a previous model and actress during the 90’s, trust me, these books helped me discover more peace in the jungle concrete of La-La Land.So when I received a call from a great friend that an author/actor from Los Angeles would be coming to San Diego, I was thrilled. Because SPIRITUAL GANGSTA has the chance to infuse someone’s soul with new perception they hadn’t discovered on their own.Now, back in the Season 4 review, I didn't even bring up Walt's new deputy. It would have revealed that there was a spot open and I didn't want to risk breaking the Branch news.Anyhow, "Four Arrows" - the season's fourth episode - was, for all intents and purposes, a premiere in its own right.Though Black Lightning is only three episodes into season 1, the series has already begun with a unique twist on hero origins, and the potential for the show is enough to change how The CW conducts their superhero business going forward.After two seasons of build-up, This Is Us finally revealed all about the end of Jack Pearson.

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Now that we're aware of the circumstances around Jack's death on This Is Us and how that dreadful day went down, we're left with the aftermath of the event, and Rebecca having to step up for her children to keep their lives together .

Only books purchased from Warwick’s will be signed. Bailey not only pulls from his 20 plus years of experience navigating the waters of Hollywood as a professional actor but shares heartfelt stories about his spiritual journey across the globe to finally settling down and becoming a new father to twins and a toddler.

Bailey will teach you how to rise above our self-defeating emotions and see things for how they truly are.

And opening things with Walt shaving and showering, after extended time off, was a nice callback to the pilot.

It's also when the show, for the first time in a while, had Vic move on from Walt emotionally when she began to bond with Deputy Eamonn. The short-term deputy who was brought in, seemingly, for wise, sentimental reasons, but then fired because Walt was afraid to treat him with wisdom or sentiment.

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